The Importance of High-Quality Tooling

It’s important to recognize that different types of tools require different types of expertise. A single source simply cannot support the specialized engineering, manufacturing and tolerances necessary to deliver the highly specialized tooling that aircraft engines require. So we source our tooling from the most respected companies around the globe with proven expertise in every area of tooling manufacturing. Rhinestahl CTS sets the OEM quality standard. We put every one of our suppliers through an extensive quality control process, including weld certifications, quality system audits, site surveys and tolerance testing. It takes 12-18 months for suppliers to be considered a Rhinestahl CTS supplier. This guarantees every tool is manufactured from only the finest materials, meeting the highest tolerance and undergoing the most rigorous processes. Our network includes manufacturers in regions all over the world ­– even in your region – so we can be more responsive to your needs.

Rhinestahl CTS is also affiliated with Rhinestahl AMG, a highly respected advanced manufacturing supplier to the space and aerospace industries. This allows us to manufacture specialized engine tools or tackle unexpected tooling requirements quickly, speeding up response times and keeping your planes flying.