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You’re building the future. And that comes with unexpected challenges of engineering, technology and materials. Challenges that can only be solved with a cross-discipline team determined to develop new approaches to complex machining and manufacturing. At Rhinestahl AMG, operations, engineering and quality are a collaborative team sharply focused on delivering higher levels of expertise, insight and innovation. We apply this collaborative approach to our capabilities in advanced machining, precision grinding, complex fabrication and assembly, to provide greater control over your project and ensure an end product that successfully meets or exceeds your expectations.

We set the standard for manufacturing excellence. That’s our pledge to you. So, what is your challenge? 


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We have experienced and passionate craftsmen on our team with over 50 years of experience machining the world’s most complex parts. Additionally, we have full-scale weld and grind shops. These, combined with our engineering team and robust quality lab provide you with one-stop-shop to provide your solution.

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Advanced Machining

We have over 50 years of experience machining the world’s most complex parts. We specialize in 5-axis machining while providing integral industry parts ranging from defense to consumer goods.

Complex Fabrication

We are NAVSEA qualified with multiple ASME BPE-2012 welders on staff and guarantee superior quality in every weld.

Precision Grinding

Our “Grind Cell” specializes in precision grinding across multiple industries from space to transportation.


Our engineers build and own the process of your project through completion while in constant contact with our shop, sales team, and customers.


Best-in-class quality is integral to shared success. We meet and exceed specifications—from start to finish.

Complex Assembly

We provide complex electro-mechanical, hydraulic, and turnkey assemblies for a diverse field of industries from aerospace to consumer goods.


When needed, we build custom work cells dedicated to specific projects. Many customers have unique families of parts or assemblies that are best manufactured on specialized equipment.


Our precision hydraulic arbors, chucks, and specialty fixtures are used where accurate centering, repeatability, and positive clamping are a must.

Our goal is to operate within required regulations to provide you with a safe and structured experience.

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