Supplying quality engine tooling for your fleet is only part of your job. Your most important role is keeping planes in the air, no matter what.

Rhinestahl CTS is more than a global leader in aircraft engine tooling, we are a true ally for your business. Our engineers, technicians, tooling and logistical experts bring vast knowledge of engine tooling and maintenance, and a deep understanding of the logistical and budgetary challenges of your business. That’s why our job starts long before we quote and extends long after we deliver. We customize your tooling solutions for the unique needs and workscopes of your business and we optimize your tooling maintenance to avoid unnecessary costs across the life cycle of your program. Rhinestahl CTS provides the highest quality engine tooling across the globe and brings it together with an incredibly responsive team that works every day in your best interests.

Careers @Rhinestahl

This is a place for the energized. Rhinestahl is not a company for the uninvolved or unmotivated. Our ranks swell with people who are happy to be here and happy to help. And we’re looking for more.

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