Your one stop, trusted source for the complete line of GE and LEAP tooling and ground support equipment.

GE’s only OEM Tooling Provider
No other company can offer what Rhinestahl CTS provides: Tooling certified to the most current GE OEM designs and exacting specifications. That’s because we are GE’s OEM tooling provider— worldwide. With access to GE’s technical drawings, along with our unparalleled technical depth and breadth, we can service any GE engine in existence today. And as the recognized global leader in the industry, we approach every situation from a big-picture perspective. We’ll assess your needs and provide solutions—not just tools—to your toughest and unique challenges.

CFM Licensed Supplier for LEAP Tooling
If you’re looking for a trusted, one-stop source for the complete line of LEAP engine tooling and support equipment, look no further than Rhinestahl CTS. Because we work directly with the CFM Engineering and Product Support teams, our tools feature the most up-to-date designs and revisions and are built to comply with all OEM specifications and requirements. Whether for engine maintenance, overhaul, repair or inspection, our tools and technical solutions are second to none. In fact, you can always count on Rhinestahl to provide the right tool, in the right place, at the right time.