CFM56 - 5A/5B Engine Stands

The CFM56 - 5A/5B jet engine stand is designed specifically for use in transporting, ground handling, and bootstrapping of Airbus 319/320/321 aircraft engines.

Leasing With Rhinestahl CTS

We know airlines, MROs, and engine leasing companies need the appropriate tools and equipment to transport engines during regularly scheduled maintenance plans. When moving one of your most valuable assets, your team wants to feel confident that you are choosing the right service provider as your partner. And, you don't want to have to worry about whether you are receiving a high-quality jet engine stand to safely, effectively, and efficiently get the job done. You know us for our superior quality tooling solutions, and now we're excited to add engine stand leasing to our offerings.

Quality standards you know and trust.

Our long-standing reputation for setting the standard of quality in tooling solutions means you can count on receiving CFM56-5A/B engine stands that are OEM-approved and built to exact specifications. No one has more OEM-approved engine programs under license than us. We understand your challenges and will put our technical expertise to work, finding you the precise engine stand to allow you to tackle the maintenance challenges you may be facing.

Flexibility to meet your needs.

Everything doesn’t always happen as planned. We understand that along with scheduled maintenance, sometimes an unscheduled event occurs, which means quickly getting access to an engine stand that meets your needs is critical. Our stand pools are located regionally worldwide, so satisfying your delivery needs shouldn’t be a problem.

Short-term and long-term leases are available.

Your operation may also need a stand to store an engine for an unknown period, which is why short-term and long-term leases are available. Our goal is to ensure you get the equipment you need to keep your planes flying, so we’ll work with you on the delivery schedule and lease duration that works best for your operation’s needs.

Why lease CFM56-5A/B engine stands from Rhinestahl CTS?

Rhinestahl CTS is more than a global leader in aircraft engine tooling. We are a team of engineers, certified technicians, and operations experts who bring deep knowledge and vast experience in engine tooling, aircraft maintenance, and logistics to our customers. We want to be your partner and ally, to help you optimize your ground equipment needs and avoid unnecessary costs.

Our commitment to our customers means keeping an eye on every detail, being incredibly responsive, and working together to make critical decisions that are always in your best interest. Let Rhinestahl CTS help you keep your planes flying.

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