The right tool for the job, every day, everywhere

Rhinestahl CTS’ Aftermarket Solutions is a tooling life cycle readiness program designed to ensure the right tool, in the right condition is always available at the right time and location. Consistent management of your tooling minimizes downtime, and can have a dramatic impact on cost or the risk of loss.


Tooling Life Cycle Readiness Program



We are here for you – anywhere, anytime, around the world. At our service and repair centers, we can maintain, repair, calibrate, mount, overhaul and load test your tooling and ground support equipment.


Brandon Lafferty
Brandon Lafferty, Director of Services
Ryan Steamer
Ryan Steamer, Program Manager
Steve Sizemore
Steve Sizemore, Technical Services Manager
Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher, Technical Services Manager
Chuck Briney
Chuck Briney, Technical Services Manager
Kathy Hummeldorf
Kathy Hummeldorf, Customer Material Returns Manager
Bob McCollum
Bob McCollum, Customer Material Returns Technician

We know that you need the right tool, in the right condition, at the right time and location. Contact our Aftermarket Solutions team to learn how we can assist with all of your engine tooling needs.

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