GE's 360 Foam Wash Equipment & Service

The new alternative to the water wash system of cleaning jet engines

For almost 30 years, airlines have been cleaning their commercial jet engines using water. Today, we can offer an option that may improve engine performance, reduce C02 emissions, and keep your planes in the air longer. GE’s 360 Foam Wash is a powerful alternative to the water wash method. This on-wing advanced cleaning technology was created in response to observations that very fine particulate dust was becoming “baked on” engine cores, impacting fuel efficiency. This advanced on-wing cleaning technology works by injecting a proprietary solution formulated to remove baked-on dust and dirt.

We are proud to partner with GE as the exclusive provider of their 360 Foam Wash System and Equipment, an exciting new system to clean commercial jet engines.


Keep your engines operating in optimal condition

We know you want to keep your planes functioning in optimal condition, and GE’s 360 Foam Wash system may be able to help by reducing the build-up of deposits in the engine, lowering engine exhaust temperatures, and improving engine compressor efficiency. These improvements lead to decreased fuel consumption, lower C02 emissions, and increased engine time on wing.

Available for multiple GE engines

The foam wash may be used on multiple GE engines, including the GE90, GEnx, CF34, and CF6.

Trust the team known for tooling excellence

As the exclusive provider of GE’s 360 Foam Wash System, our team will provide the support you need to ensure you can accomplish all required foam washes without interruption.

Ready to give your engines an all-around restorative clean? 

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