Trent 7000 All-Purpose Stand

Short or long-term leases available on OEM-approved Trent 7000 All-Purpose engine stands. Rhinestahl has these available across the globe.

Testing and Certifications

This engine transportation stand is fully load tested and function checked through our custom designed engine simulator fixture. All welds and assemblies have been through the fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) process, and welds have been certified per OEM specifications.

Key Features of the Trent 7000 All-Purpose Stand

  • Four spring-loaded high-capacity castors
  • Can be towed using tow bars or master mover interface
  • Integral shock system to prevent damage during transportation
  • An integrated hydraulic system allows the cradle to be rolled/unrolled and jacking legs to be deployed

Available Accessories for the Trent 7000 All-Purpose Stand

  • Storage box for tilting tool, rear and front trunnion, plumb line, trunnion screws
  • Four polyurethane treaded castors with directional locks provide easy movement on most surfaces
  • 18 D-ring features located on the base

Regional Locations. Global Reach.

We are here for you – anywhere, anytime, across the globe, providing the solutions you need to work efficiently and keep your planes flying. With regional service center locations around the world, you can expect to find an engine stand, from our inventory, within reach for your upcoming maintenance needs.

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