Exclusively designed and developed by Rhinestahl CTS

The Rhinestahl CTS GE9X engine stand split-ship system is setting the new standard for shipping large engines. With an industry leading design, it’s the only stand of its kind that requires minimal equipment to load a full engine through the aft cargo door of an Antonov AN-124. The lift arm concept allows the operator to load and unload the engine using the AN-124 lift system.

Our stand provides complete flexibility for full engine or propulsor shipping, engine change, fan stator module removal/installation and long-term storage. The stand is the ideal solution to move Ready for Installation (RFI) engines to and from the engine shop or perform engine removals and installations.

GE9X Engine Stand Drop Test - 100% OEM-Compliant



Integral 8 to 10 Hz tuned shock system to prevent damage.


Two built-in fork-lift channels allow the operator to move an empty stand using a 20,000 lb. capacity forklift.


Two engine mounting configurations available: Turbine Rear Frame (TRF)/Aft Fan Case (AFC) and TRF/Fan Hub Frame (FHF).


Three cradle positions allow for different engine shipping configurations: High – RFI engine, Med – full engine minus lower bifurcation, Low – propulsor only.



Towable front or back, with provided tow bars (5 Mph/8 Kph max speed).


Four improved, spring loaded 16″ high capacity casters.


An integral aluminum certified 96″ x 196″ shipping pallet for air or truck shipping.


Integrated hydraulic system allows the cradle to be raised/lowered and jacking legs to be deployed.


  • Four Built to Protect Pelican™ Cases mounted on the base provide storage for all mount adapters
  • Four polyurethane treaded casters provide easy movement on most surfaces
  • Two caster arms with swivel bars used for steering
  • 24 D-ring features are conveniently located on the base to provide adequate tie-down for OTR and air shipping
  • Stand can be loaded or unloaded from an Antonov-124 in less than 60 minutes using Lift Arm set 8C2676

Methods of Transportation


Full engine – AN-124

Propulsor – 777F or 747F


Full engine – double drop trailer equipped with air-ride type suspension system

Propulsor – double drop trailer equipped with air-ride type suspension system


  • Fan Separation Dolly 8C2600 or 8C2669
  • Fan Stator Shipping 8C2602 or 8C2670
  • Lift Arm Set, AN-124 8C2676
  • Bracket Set, Support – Fan Hub Frame 8C2601*
  • Adapter Set, Shipping – TRF 8C2671*
  • Bracket Set, Shipping – TRF 8C2626*
  • Bracket Set, Ground Handling 8C2661*
  • Fixture, Lift – Engine Stand 8C2625

    * Can be stored in Built to Protect Pelican™ Cases on stand 



  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Held to the most stringent static and dynamic testing
  • Fluorescent Particle Inspection (FPI) of all welds and the assembly
  • Certified welds per OEM specification