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Educators, parents, and students, learn more about careers in advanced manufacturing by visiting the resources below. Each of these will provide additional information on jobs in multiple career paths including engineering, machining, and other STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields.

Discover the Advanced Manufacturing Career for You!

The Ohio Department of Education

Provides students and their guardians with resources for career exploration and career tech pathways. Additionally, find job descriptions, wage information and educational resources to consider for advanced manufacturing career opportunities.

Career Connection: Advanced manufacturing jobs, career pathways, and high school courses for credit needed.

Manufacturing Career Clusters and Pathways: Career, wage, and education options for careers in advanced manufacturing.

Make Your Future: A guide for students and families on jobs in manufacturing.

Additional Sites

Provides overviews of career opportunities in advanced manufacturing including salary information. Go on virtual field trips to manufacturing facilities, and much more!

Manufacturing Your Future: Career videos and a virtual learning experiences for students. Lesson plans for teachers on advanced manufacturing careers.

Explore Manufacturing: Learn about advanced manufacturing in a variety of industries. See career overviews including job responsibilities and required skills.

Try Engineering: Learn about different types of engineers, what they do and what industries they work in.

Career Girls: Hear from women in STEM careers, their inspirations, career pathways, and challenges they have overcome.

American Graduate Series: Hear from students that have chosen a career technical education.

Discovery Education – Make and Innovate: Learn what a Makerspace is and how to problem solve in teams. Take virtual trips to see STEM applied in the real world.

Regional Career Technical High Schools

Consider a career technical education at the following schools:

Butler Technology and Career Development Schools

Great Oaks Career Campuses

Careers @Rhinestahl

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