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Contract Assembly Done Right

What You Need

We are not just a contract manufacturer. Our specialty lies in capital equipment contract assembly; building assembly line systems that go into a new or existing capital equipment build. We take on not only the manufacturing processes, but also the sourcing of the entire bill of materials, mechanical and electrical items included. Our robust supply chain complements our in-house capabilities including machining, welding, testing, and site run-off. Most importantly, the design involved in your build stays with you.

We know your projects involve a deep level of complexity and intricacy. They are often comprised of resource intensive work on your end to manage multiple suppliers, coordinate logistics, and remember all the specifics. Instead, choose us. We want your focus to stay on the end-goal and hand off the details to us. We will take your build-to-print design and organize the supply chain to deliver your end-product, leaving you with a single PO to keep track of.

Projects don’t end on the production floor. You need a trusted manufacturing arm to decipher your complex processes and bring them all together in the end with a top-notch level of quality. Even more so, you need it done efficiently, cutting down cost and increasing flexibility. We want to be that partner. Let us prove it.

What We Do

Our expert tradesmen have years of building automated systems and complex tools both which require exact precision. We specialize in build-to-print assembly encompassing mechanical, electromechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic types. Take a look at what these different types of assembly are.

Mechanical: Fabricated mechanical components meeting precise specifications and tolerances, assembled using a variety of tools and equipment.

Electromechanical: Fabricated electrical and mechanical components meeting precise specifications and tolerances assembled through a variety of procurement, manufacturing, and testing procedures.

Pneumatic: This type of assembly uses pressurized gas to enable motion, requiring technical experience to achieve working results.

Hydraulic: This type of assembly uses liquid fluid power to enable motion, including open and closed circuits.

With this experienced background, we work with you to discuss the manufacturability of your designs. This ensures your designs can be made efficiently and of the highest quality. The moment you entrust your design with a single member of our team, we handle all process components, from manufacturing to assembly to load testing, in-house or through our trusted supply chain, ensuring efficiency in time and cost. You simply get to focus on what’s important: building the future.

What You’ll Get

With us, you’ll see:

  1. Staying on schedule. We can manage your dynamic checklist. If we encounter anything outside our in-house capabilities, we have qualified supply chain partners to fill the gaps.
  2. Quality output. We are a team of experts and lend our manufacturability input when necessary. If your design doesn’t go together as planned, we will work with your engineers to incorporate a modification quickly. Our manufacturing operations are vertically integrated.
  3. A single PO. Wouldn’t it be nice to only have one purchase order and a single point of contact? That’s what you can look forward to when working with us.
  4. Keep your IP. You design it, we build it. It’s that simple. Give us your capital equipment assembly build designs and we ensure delivery of your project on time and on budget.
  5. Reduced cost and peace of mind. Consolidating assembly into one function reduces logistical coordination and cost of supplier acquisition. Cut down on shipping fees and the time it takes for you to manage it all.

With us, you can trust that your project is in the hands of skilled craftsmen, dedicated to output work of the highest quality. You can forget the day-to-day coordination of details because they’re being worried about by someone else. You’re doing a lot. Let us worry about the rest.


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