Tooling Life Cycle: A Case Study with Ethiopian Airlines

This case study will dive into the relationship between Rhinestahl CTS and Ethiopian Airlines — from the start of the order, to the continued future of Ethiopian’s tooling. Focus points include:

  • Shop optimization for tooling
  • How Airline MRO’s and tooling providers partner to ensure smooth EIS’s
  • Educating attendees of the pain points MRO shops face and how they work together with the OEM tooling provider
  • The importance of technical capabilities and the life cycle of tooling

View the full presentation below:

View Ethiopian Airlines’ answers to MRO shop questions below:

Addisu’s Introduction:

What are Ethiopian’s current MRO Capabilities?

How does Ethiopian Airlines approach a shop setup?

What is Ethiopian’s approach to adding new MRO Capabilities?

How do you currently plan for technician training?

What are the common practices for tool maintenance?

Are you reactive or proactive in your tooling maintenance?

Key takeaways:

  • Planning is Critical to Maintaining the Full Tooling Life Cycle
  • A Tooling Expert as a Partner is Essential to Help Guide Through the Complex Process
  • Technicians Gain Confidence Through Training and Familiarization with the Tooling Requirements
  • Monitoring and Management of Tooling is Necessary to Maintain Shop Readiness
  • Move From Reactive to Proactive for Repairs, Calibrations and Modifications