Tooling Life Cycle: A Case Study with Ethiopian Airlines

This case study will dive into the relationship between Rhinestahl CTS and Ethiopian Airlines — from the start of the order, to the continued future of Ethiopian’s tooling. Focus points include:

  • Shop optimization for tooling
  • How Airline MRO’s and tooling providers partner to ensure smooth EIS’s
  • Educating attendees of the pain points MRO shops face and how they work together with the OEM tooling provider
  • The importance of technical capabilities and the life cycle of tooling

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Key takeaways:

  • Planning is Critical to Maintaining the Full Tooling Life Cycle
  • A Tooling Expert as a Partner is Essential to Help Guide Through the Complex Process
  • Technicians Gain Confidence Through Training and Familiarization with the Tooling Requirements
  • Monitoring and Management of Tooling is Necessary to Maintain Shop Readiness
  • Move From Reactive to Proactive for Repairs, Calibrations and Modifications