What’s in a Name? “Group” Defined

2018 was a year of investment and expansion for Rhinestahl Advanced Manufacturing Group. You remember from our previous newsletters that we made over $1 million in investments for new shop machinery and quality equipment. We also welcomed new members to our team to fill open positions and bridge gaps in expertise or skill sets. Additionally, we completed the value stream mapping exercise. All these investments help us to achieve our ultimate goal: Operational Excellence.

With these pieces now firmly in place and with momentum from the previous quarter, our 2019 focus will be to maximize our potential. We will capitalize on each opportunity to better serve you. How we achieve that is written out in our name, Rhinestahl Advanced Manufacturing Group. Advanced Manufacturing speaks for itself, but what does “Group” really mean? In its most basic form, a group can be defined as two or more figures forming a complete unit. Operations is just one part of what makes up our group, and without the other pieces we are incomplete. We have a full staff of engineers to problem solve and communicate during the life of your project. We also have a state-of-the-art quality lab to ensure everything we deliver meets or exceeds your quality specifications.

Outside the broad areas of Operations, Engineering and Quality the term “Group” also means the services we can provide. While Advanced Manufacturing connotates precision machining, at AMG we also offer many value-added services so that we can perform more of your requirements without having to leave the facility. We have a full weld and fabrication shop as well as a full grind shop. While we occasionally run stand-alone jobs in these areas, most of the time they are used as a service we provide for our customers. By having in-house capabilities in these areas, we can be more responsive and offer a full-value solution that ensures our operations teams are the ones working on our customers critical needs. When looked at in totality with our in-house engineering and quality services we become more valuable to our end users.

With the above “Group” capabilities, we can pull from diverse experiences, expertise, and skill sets to satisfy even the most complex project needs all in-house. The strength of AMG depends on the successes of each individual part. We have defined these strengths and now look to capitalize on them by being your preferred, full-solutions provider.