Building Your Future Takes a Manufacturing Ally

How a Collaborative Approach Delivered Greater Efficiencies for a Major Consumer Goods Company

We strive to be more than a supplier. We work harder to become your ally. This relationship goes beyond regular business transactions and instead relies on trust forged between two organizations to achieve a common goal. This relationship isn’t built instantaneously, nor is trust gained overnight. Hard work, collaboration and exceeded expectations creates a lasting partnership.

Our Business Development team identified a leading consumer goods company as having the need for a reliable capital equipment contract assembly manufacturer. We were confident that Rhinestahl AMG could fulfill their needs and support their future projects. Because we had never worked together before, we spent time proving ourselves on small products and projects. As the relationship foundation began to form, this leading consumer goods company awarded us a small mechanical assembly project. We took this opportunity and performed at the highest level of quality we put in to every project. Tolerances were met, communication lines were open, and the final product was delivered on time.

Thus, began the multi-year partnership. We began to consistently win bids for larger and larger assembly projects, and cross-functional relationships were built. Our Engineering team began working directly with theirs to discuss manufacturability, static and dynamic checks, runoff, and vertical start up. A unique facet of this relationship is that this company designs their assemblies and simply hands off the manufacturing side to us. They retain the intellectual property rights to their design, and we leverage our expertise in manufacturing.

Most recently, we were tasked with delivering a large, capital equipment, electromechanical assembly to the customer one month sooner than the originally agreed upon date. This assembly included over 500 different parts. In order to complete this project on time, our Operations team manufactured parts in house that were originally intended to outsource, saving additional time and cost. In parallel, our Purchasing team worked with our robust, local supply chain to mitigate any lead time issues. Throughout the entire process, the customer was delivered clear communications via weekly program management calls. Once all parts were available, our Assembly team worked tirelessly to assemble the piece, including load testing and dynamic checks. The final product exceeded expectations, it was delivered ahead of schedule and right on-spec. Best of all, because Rhinestahl AMG managed the full project, the customer only had to generate a single purchase order.

This example isn’t unique. Rhinestahl AMG performs as an extension of our customers. We work hard as a valued member of the customers’ team, operating with the same level of open communication, collaboration, and confidence as they would with any member of their organization. We provide more than just the standard pricing, high quality, and on time delivery that most competitors offer – these are table stakes in our minds. Our total value rests in our processes, systems and structure where Operations, Engineering, and Quality operate as one unit with a unified focus on the customer. Their collective mission is to carry out the customers’ projects to the highest standards. As an extension of your own organization, trust us to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Discover how an ally, not a supplier, helps you gain convenience and ensure on-time, high-quality end products. Give us a call today at (513) 489-1317, to learn how we can help you achieve your precision machining and assembly demands.