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Rolls-Royce Engine Support

Rolls-Royce Engine Tooling and Workscopes

Our commitment and expertise allows us to tightly customize your tooling solutions for the unique needs and workscope of your business. We reduce total cost by specifying only what is necessary, not just what is requested. And we reduce risk by keeping an eye on every detail, being incredibly responsive and working together to make critical decisions that are always in your best interest.

Unscheduled Maintenance

We know that unexpected things occur. We are here to get your engines back up and running in no time.

  • AOG
  • Fleet Programs
  • Quick Turn
  • Hospital Shop Visits
  • AD/Service Bulletins

Aircraft on the ground? For immediate assistance call: 1.844.236.5327

Scheduled Maintenance

Once you become a customer of Rhinestahl, you can rest assured that regularly scheduled maintenance will be performed to keep your engines running smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Line Maintenance Tooling

(Airline, Airframe MRO, Engine MRO)

  • Engine Change
  • Storage/Preservation
  • Borescope/Inspection
  • LRU
  • Engine Transport/Handling
  • Propulsar Split and Prep
  • Stand Storage

Modular Tooling

  • Separation
  • Removal/Installation
  • Standard Tools
  • Storage/Transportation
  • Inspection Tools

Strip and Build Tooling

  • Repairs
  • Disassembly/Assembly
  • Inspection Tooling


  • Inspection Tooling
  • New Installation Tooling
  • Bell Mouths

We know that your engine tooling program requires a tailored workscope based on your specific needs. Learn how our dedicated team members can partner with you.

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